Leadership & Mindful Management

Leaders need to inspire now more than ever. Our unique approach to leadership training brings the best of Eastern and Western philosophy together.

Today employees demand to be inspired, need to believe in a brand, and abandon jobs and companies easily. It is no longer enough to make a great product and expect people to devote themselves to doing a job. What does it take to inspire this increasingly fickle workforce? How do you get the best out of yourself and your people?  Our Co-Founder Paresh Shah has spent a career tackling these challenges. He is a trained Yogi, and Harvard MBA. He has been an entrepreneur and a business consultant. Our unique leadership programs put the best of these worlds together with the non-obvious touch. Practice mindful leadership, connect with your teams, and inspire people by being the type of leader people love to work for. These are the results we aspire to create for you and your team.

  • Concierge executive coaching with deep expertise in personal performance, high impact leadership, inspiring teams, strategy, trust building, interpersonal relationships, board management, marketing and innovation
  • Training and workshops in various areas: Styles, Communications, Conflict Management, Mentoring, Delegation, Project management, Time management
  • Team building via exercises relevant to your business and group
  • Change, culture and transformation training and consulting

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Proven Experience

Highly skilled, experienced coaches to senior executives and celebrities

Tailored Approach

Training tailored for your organization, demographic and industry issues

Execs, Not Academics

Consultants, coaches and trainers have all been operational executives leading organizations and world-class consultants

Unbiased & Honest

Trustable, highly accessible, engaging and honest