Trust Based Sales

Why are some leaders and brands deeply trusted? We teach the art and science of being more trustworthy.

Based on decades of insights about the art of influence and insights highlighted in our best seller Likeonomics, we help sales teams and leaders create more trustworthy relationships. Unlike other sales trainings, our focus is on teaching techniques of influence such as storytelling and thought leadership while also building the brand reputation of an organization to make selling easier.

  • Trust based advisor workshops and training
  • High level coaching for top performers and teach-the-teacher programs
  • Organization-wide culture change and transformation from “transactional to trusted”
  • Client specific problem solving and consulting services to drive greater revenue and sales performance

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Hands on and practical approach people can use immediately


Build on rigorous data and ongoing research and development


Willing to align part of our compensation with your revenue lift and performance


Ability to deliver our approach across an entire enterprise sales team