Business Strategy & Planning

“Non-Obvious” strategy comes from the ability to see what others miss. Our cutting edge consulting will help you make the connections your competitors can’t.

Building a “non-obvious” strategy can help you to outmaneuver your competition – but it takes an outsider’s perspective. Thinking from inside your industry will only take you so far.  We have a unique and proven ability to architect unexpected strategies for winning, based on more than two decades of working with Boards, leaders and team to set priorities, make tradeoffs and agree on timely action plans.  Ultimately, strategy gives you the vision and purpose to drive growth and deliver value in the long term while showing clear and tangible wins in the short term. We can help you get there.

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Immediately Relevant

Ideal for annual planning process, post-merger, for new leaders of groups or in changing industries

Cross-Industry Perspective

Expert, experienced business thought leaders with cross industry perspective

High Energy Facilitation

Objective, high energy facilitators who frame key tradeoffs, inform choices, surface key issues, drive alignment and build team trust

Accountable & Actionable

Highly actionable, unbiased, realistic and accountable plans as outcomes